UFA can help you increase revenues, reduce costs and control risks with our:

  • Statistical and econometric modeling;
  • Practical application of the latest financial theories;
  • Extensive regional economic data and analysis; and
  • Software development and integration.

Our expertise benefits lenders through better:

  • Corporate and portfolio risk management
  • Product pricing
  • Product structuring
  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Loan marketing
  • Loan underwriting
  • Loan valuation

The following UFA projects illustrate applications of UFA’s analysis:

  • Anticipating and hedging economic risks
  • Developing and maintaining reliable forecasts and pool curves loss frequency, loss severity, prepayment / retention
  • Structuring asset-backed securities
  • Valuing loan servicing rights and I/O strips
  • Calculating expected gains on portfolio sales
  • Forecasting collateral values and exposures
  • Forecasting credit losses for loan loss reserves
  • Monitoring operating unit performance against profitability benchmarks
  • Compensating loan originators, unit managers and line of business managers
  • Identifying most (and least) profitable customer, geographic and collateral segments
  • Segmenting and pricing portfolio acquisitions
  • Valuing loan guarantees and insurance
  • Defining value-based product designs and underwriting rules
  • Risk pricing individual loans and evaluating product mix tradeoffs rates and fees, term, credit tier, LTV / advance rates
  • Setting proactive servicing and refinancing strategies
  • Identifying borrowers with a high propensity to prepay or default
  • Defining values for borrower relationships


"Indeed, loans made using credit scoring models that are estimated only on data from the last few years may be too optimistic for more normal conditions."

Alan Greenspan, March 2001

University Financial Associates LLC is dedicated to serving the lending and financial services industries through its specialized research, consulting and modeling systems. These include the development, maintenance and licensing of proprietary models and tools to reliably forecast loan and portfolio risks and returns, with special emphasis on the sensitivity of these forecasts to changes in regional and national economic conditions.

For more information on how UFA can help your organization, please contact:

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