Introducing ForeScore ZIP Default and Value

The most important advances in loan evaluation since credit scores: ZIP Code level default and value assessments for any loan.

"Most bad loans are made in the good times." – Alan Greenspan, March 2000.

UFA is dedicated to making consumer lending a safer place for clients through its pioneering research on the relationship between loan performance and local economic conditions.

Solutions that matter. UFA develops, maintains, and licenses proprietary models and software tools that reliably forecast loan and portfolio profitability, with special emphasis on the sensitivity of these forecasts to changes in regional and national economic conditions.

Results that last. UFA is committed to serving as a valuable independent source of lending and economic reporting and analysis. We are raising awareness of the role of responsible lending practices in economic stability and prosperity.

People you can work with. In all these activities, we value highly the integrity of our research and analysis, respect always the confidential nature of client relationships, and strive to contribute positively to discussion and understanding of regional and national economies.

Private Sector Experience

Public Sector Experience

  • Resolution Trust Corp.
    Washington, DC
  • Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
    Washington, DC
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
    Toronto, Ontario