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Did you know that research studies show that half or more of loan losses are due to differences in local economic conditions? Now lenders, investors, and regulators in the prime, non-prime and subprime markets can easily improve existing underwriting and portfolio management to account for these differences.

With ForeScore™ ZIP Code, you can:

  • Evaluate the zip code level economic risks for a loan both at the time of origination and during each month the loan is active.
  • Use the power of UFA's pioneering analysis of local economic conditions via affordable web subscription.
  • Easily adjust your current scoring and loan valuation to integrate local economic risks into your analysis.
  • Accurately predict the impact of the local economic environment on loan default and prepayment.
  • Avoid the consequences of credit and economic cycles, and position your firm properly during both recession and recovery periods.

Let UFA's 20 years of experience and research help you navigate perilous loan markets safely. For more information on how ForeScore™ ZIP Code can help your organization, please contact: